Building Material Suppliers

First of all can I say a big hello to all those on WordPress. This is my first time using it so I am finding my way round.

My area of interest for this blog are the different types of building materials and direction that Uk buildings are taking in terms of construction method. The green factor seems to be playing a major factor inb the way we build houses for the future and in this blog I would like to discuss with whoever is interested what materials seem to be the best , and or the most popular.

I would alo like to discuss the term sustainabilty, which seem to be round every corner I turn. What actually is sustainabilty and how will it work for us? There are some many new tems and trends to adress it almost looks like the construction industry is on the verge of taking a new direction.

Building material suppliers all over the country are trying to establish what path the future trend of house design will be. This is important financialy. Remember the VHS or Betamax war, If you don’t basically VHs became more popular than Betamax and tha latter disappeared. This same senario could happen with building materials but on a grander scale, leaving a lot of builders merchants with stock that they do not want and cannot sell. So it is important to find out for sure what direction we are moving in. Stay tuned for more news on building materials

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One Response to Building Material Suppliers

  1. Steve Parry says:

    This is an important point. Knowing which direction to go in will be key in the development and design of future housing.

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